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Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

MS Word is a word processor program produced by Microsoft Corporation. It was first released in 1983 and later written for several other platforms such as IBM, Apple Macintosh, AT&T Unix PC, Atari ST, OS/2, Microsoft Windows, etc. MS Word is available as one of the components in the Microsoft Office Suite. This is one of the most widely used word processor program. It has most of the operations that are needed for a word processor program and is used both for personal use and also for office purposes. There are many keyboard shortcuts available for different operations performed in Microsoft Word.

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Here is a list of Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Office Word 2003, and in Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Command Name                           Shortcut Keys
All Caps                                      CTRL+SHIFT+A
Annotation                                   ALT+CTRL+M
App Maximize                              ALT+F10
App Restore                                 ALT+F5
Apply Heading1                            ALT+CTRL+1
Apply Heading2                            ALT+CTRL+2
Apply Heading3                            ALT+CTRL+3
Apply List Bullet                           CTRL+SHIFT+L
Auto Format                                ALT+CTRL+K
Auto Text                                    F3 or ALT+CTRL+V
Bold                                            CTRL+B or CTRL+SHIFT+B
Bookmark                                    CTRL+SHIFT+F5
Browse Next                                CTRL+PAGE DOWN
Browse Previous                          CTRL+PAGE UP
Browse Sel                                  ALT+CTRL+HOME
Cancel                                         ESC
Center Para                                  CTRL+E
Change Case                                SHIFT+F3
Char Left                                     LEFT
Char Left Extend                          SHIFT+LEFT
Char Right                                   RIGHT
Char Right Extend                        SHIFT+RIGHT
Clear                                           DELETE
Close or Exit                                ALT+F4
Close Pane                                   ALT+SHIFT+C
Column Break                              CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
Column Select                              CTRL+SHIFT+F8
Copy                                           CTRL+C or CTRL+INSERT
Copy Format                               CTRL+SHIFT+C
Copy Text                                   SHIFT+F2
Create Auto Text                          ALT+F3
Customize Add Menu                    ALT+CTRL+=
Customize Keyboard                     ALT+CTRL+NUM +
Customize Remove Menu              ALT+CTRL+-
Cut                                             CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE
Date Field                                    ALT+SHIFT+D
Delete Back Word                         CTRL+BACKSPACE
Delete Word                                 CTRL+DELETE
Dictionary                                   ALT+SHIFT+F7
Do Field Click                              ALT+SHIFT+F9
Doc Close                                   CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Doc Maximize                             CTRL+F10
Doc Move                                   CTRL+F7
Doc Restore                                CTRL+F5
Doc Size                                     CTRL+F8
Doc Split                                     ALT+CTRL+S
Double Underline                          CTRL+SHIFT+D
End of Column                             ALT+PAGE DOWN
End of Column                             ALT+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
End of Doc Extend                       CTRL+SHIFT+END
End of Document                         CTRL+END
End of Line                                  END
End of Line Extend                       SHIFT+END
End of Row                                 ALT+END
End of Row                                 ALT+SHIFT+END
End of Window                            ALT+CTRL+PAGE DOWN
End of Window Extend                 ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Endnote Now                               ALT+CTRL+D
Extend Selection                           F8
Field Chars                                  CTRL+F9
Field Codes                                  ALT+F9
Find                                            CTRL+F
Font                                            CTRL+D or CTRL+SHIFT+F
Font Size Select                            CTRL+SHIFT+P
Footnote Now                              ALT+CTRL+F
Go Back                                      SHIFT+F5 or ALT+CTRL+Z
Go To                                         CTRL+G or F5
Grow Font                                   CTRL+SHIFT+.
Grow Font One Point                    CTRL+]
Hanging Indent                              CTRL+T
Header Footer Link                        ALT+SHIFT+R
Help                                             F1
Hidden                                         CTRL+SHIFT+H
Hyperlink                                      CTRL+K
Indent                                          CTRL+M
Italic                                            CTRL+I or CTRL+SHIFT+I
Justify Para                                  CTRL+J
Left Para                                      CTRL+L
Line Down                                   DOWN
Line Down Extend                        SHIFT+DOWN
Line Up                                        UP
Line Up Extend                             SHIFT+UP
List Num Field                              ALT+CTRL+L
Lock Fields                                   CTRL+3 or CTRL+F11
Macro                                          ALT+F8
Mail Merge Check                         ALT+SHIFT+K
Mail Merge Edit Data Source          ALT+SHIFT+E
Mail Merge to Doc                        ALT+SHIFT+N
Mail Merge to Printer                     ALT+SHIFT+M
Mark Citation                                ALT+SHIFT+I
Mark Index Entry                          ALT+SHIFT+X
Mark Table of Contents Entry         ALT+SHIFT+O
Menu Mode                                  F10
Merge Field                                  ALT+SHIFT+F
Microsoft Script Editor                  ALT+SHIFT+F11
Microsoft System Info                  ALT+CTRL+F1
Move Text                                    F2
New                                            CTRL+N
Next Cell                                      TAB
Next Field                                     F11 or ALT+F1
Next Misspelling                           ALT+F7
Next Object                                  ALT+DOWN
Next Window                               CTRL+F6 or ALT+F6
Normal                                        ALT+CTRL+N
Normal Style                                CTRL+SHIFT+N or ALT+SHIFT+CLEAR (NUM 5)
Open                                           CTRL+O or CTRL+F12 or ALT+CTRL+F2
Open or Close Up Para                  CTRL+0
Other Pane                                   F6 or SHIFT+F6
Outline                                         ALT+CTRL+O
Outline Collapse                            ALT+SHIFT+- or ALT+SHIFT+NUM -
Outline Demote                             ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT
Outline Expand                             ALT+SHIFT+=
Outline Expand                             ALT+SHIFT+NUM +
Outline Move Down                      ALT+SHIFT+DOWN
Outline Move Up                          ALT+SHIFT+UP
Outline Promote                           ALT+SHIFT+LEFT
Outline Show First Line                 ALT+SHIFT+L
Overtype                                      INSERT
Page                                            ALT+CTRL+P
Page Break                                   CTRL+ENTER
Page Down                                  PAGE DOWN
Page Down Extend                       SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Page Field                                    ALT+SHIFT+P
Page Up                                       PAGE UP
Page Up Extend                            SHIFT+PAGE UP
Para Down                                   CTRL+DOWN
Para Down Extend                        CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN
Para Up                                       CTRL+UP
Para Up Extend                             CTRL+SHIFT+UP
Paste                                           CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT
Paste Format                                CTRL+SHIFT+V
Prev Cell                                      SHIFT+TAB
Prev Field                                    SHIFT+F11 or ALT+SHIFT+F1
Prev Object                                 ALT+UP
Prev Window                              CTRL+SHIFT+F6 or ALT+SHIFT+F6
Print                                           CTRL+P or CTRL+SHIFT+F12
Print Preview                               CTRL+F2 or ALT+CTRL+I
Proofing                                      F7
Redo                                           ALT+SHIFT+BACKSPACE
Redo or Repeat                            CTRL+Y or F4 or ALT+ENTER
Repeat Find                                 SHIFT+F4 or ALT+CTRL+Y
Replace                                       CTRL+H
Reset Char                                  CTRL+SPACE or CTRL+SHIFT+Z
Reset Para                                   CTRL+Q
Revision Marks Toggle                 CTRL+SHIFT+E
Right Para                                   CTRL+R
Save                                           CTRL+S or SHIFT+F12 or ALT+SHIFT+F2
Save As                                       F12
Select All                                     CTRL+A or CTRL+CLEAR (NUM 5) or CTRL+NUM 5
Select Table                                 ALT+CLEAR (NUM 5)
Show All                                     CTRL+SHIFT+8
Show All Headings                        ALT+SHIFT+A
Show Heading1                            ALT+SHIFT+1
Show Heading2                            ALT+SHIFT+2
Show Heading3                            ALT+SHIFT+3
Show Heading4                            ALT+SHIFT+4
Show Heading5                            ALT+SHIFT+5
Show Heading6                            ALT+SHIFT+6
Show Heading7                            ALT+SHIFT+7
Show Heading8                            ALT+SHIFT+8
Show Heading9                            ALT+SHIFT+9
Shrink Font                                  CTRL+SHIFT+,
Shrink Font One Point                   CTRL+[
Small Caps                                   CTRL+SHIFT+K
Space Para1                                 CTRL+1
Space Para15                               CTRL+5
Space Para2                                 CTRL+2
Spike                                           CTRL+SHIFT+F3 or CTRL+F3
Start of Column                            ALT+PAGE UP
Start of Column                            ALT+SHIFT+PAGE UP
Start of Doc Extend                      CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
Start of Document                        CTRL+HOME
Start of Line                                 HOME
Start of Line Extend                      SHIFT+HOME
Start of Row                                ALT+HOME
Start of Row                                ALT+SHIFT+HOME
Start of Window                           ALT+CTRL+PAGE UP
Start of Window Extend                ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE UP
Style                                            CTRL+SHIFT+S
Subscript                                     CTRL+=
Superscript                                   CTRL+SHIFT+=
Symbol Font                                 CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Thesaurus                                     SHIFT+F7
Time Field                                    ALT+SHIFT+T
Toggle Field Display                      SHIFT+F9
Toggle Master Subdocs                 CTRL+\
Tool                                            SHIFT+F1
Un Hang                                       CTRL+SHIFT+T
Un Indent                                     CTRL+SHIFT+M
Underline                                      CTRL+U or CTRL+SHIFT+U
Undo                                            CTRL+Z or ALT+BACKSPACE
Unlink Fields                                 CTRL+6 or CTRL+SHIFT+F9
Unlock Fields                                CTRL+4 or CTRL+SHIFT+F11
Update Auto Format                       ALT+CTRL+U
Update Fields                                 F9 or ALT+SHIFT+U
Update Source                               CTRL+SHIFT+F7
VBCode                                        ALT+F11
Web Go Back                                ALT+LEFT
Web Go Forward                           ALT+RIGHT
Word Left                                     CTRL+LEFT
Word Left Extend                          CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT
Word Right                                   CTRL+RIGHT
Word Right Extend                        CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT
Word Underline                             CTRL+SHIFT+W

Note: Some keyboard shortcuts in earlier versions of Microsoft Word no longer work as expected in Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Opera Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Opera web browser is developed by Opera Software ASA, which was released on December 09, 1996. It is one of the most popular browsers in the world with a user base of around 200 million users worldwide. The browser handles apart from browsing webpages, sending and receiving e Mail messages, managing contacts, chatting on IRC, downloading files via BitTorrent, and reading web feeds. It is a free web browser which is free for personal use on PC and mobile phones. It offers many browsing features such as tabbed browsing, page zooming, mouse gestures, and download managing. It runs on different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. It is also available in mobile platforms such as Blackberry, Symbian, Windows mobile, Android, and iOS operating systems etc. It also has many privacy and security features that are built into it for safer browsing . Opera comes with a variety of shortcuts to perform many different tasks.

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Here is a list of all Opera browser shortcut keys:

Standard keys

Move one line up
Up Arrow
Move one line down
Down Arrow
Move one character to the right
Right Arrow
Move one character to the left
Left Arrow
Move one screen-full up
Page Up
Shift + Space
Move one screen-full down
Page Down
Move one screen-full to the left
Ctrl + Page Up
Move one screen-full to the right
Ctrl + Page Down
Go to top
Go to bottom

Cycle focus forward within active context
Cycle focus backward within active context
Shift + Tab
Exit context or cancel
Display context (right-click) menu
Shift + F10
Properties dialogue
Alt + Enter
Ctrl + I

System keys
Open file
Ctrl + O
Save copy of page
Ctrl + S
Print page
Ctrl + P
Close Opera
Ctrl + Q
Hide Opera
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H

Text keys

Undo recent changes
Ctrl + Z
Redo recent changes
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + Insert
Move selection to clipboard
Ctrl + X
Shift + Delete
Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + V
Shift + Insert
Copy selected text to "Notes" panel
Ctrl + Shift + C
Select all
Ctrl + A
Delete selection (or character right of cursor)
Delete selection (or character left of cursor)
Toggle text-style bold
Ctrl + B
Toggle text-style italic
Ctrl + I
Toggle text-style underline
Ctrl + U
Convert hex to Unicode
Ctrl + Shift + X

UNIX editing keys
These are classic UNIX keyboard shortcuts, which you can enable by choosing "Opera Standard for UNIX" from Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts.
Go to end of line
Ctrl + E
Go to beginning of line
Ctrl + A
Go to next character
Ctrl + F
Go to previous character
Ctrl + B
Go to next line
Ctrl + N
Go to previous line
Ctrl + P
Paste (Yank)
Ctrl + Y
Delete to end of line
Ctrl + K
Delete next character
Ctrl + D
Delete previous character
Ctrl + H
Find text
Ctrl + F
Find next instance of text
Ctrl + G
Find previous instance of text
Ctrl + Shift + G
Shift + F3
Search for text in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
(numeric) /
. (period)
Search for text in links in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
Shift + (numeric) /
, (comma)

Loading keys

Go to your home page
Ctrl + Space
Alt + Home
Enter a Web address
Paste and go in current or new tab
Ctrl + Shift + V
Speed Dial
Ctrl + 0-9
Enter nickname for fast bookmark access
Shift + F2
Save page address as new bookmark
Ctrl + D
Save as new bookmark in active bookmark folder
Ctrl + Shift + D

Reload (get latest version of) page
Ctrl + R
Reload selected frame
Alt + F5
Stop page loading

Navigation keys

Go to next page in history
Alt + →
Ctrl + →
Shift + Backspace
Go to previous page in history
Alt + ←
Ctrl + ←
Fast Forward
Shift + Backspace
Site navigation
To remove the last part of any Web address (such as a sub-directory) and go to that address, press Ctrl + Backspace.

Display modes
Print preview (toggles on/off)
Ctrl + Shift + P
Use entire screen for browsing
Toggle "Fit to width"
Ctrl + F11

View page source
Ctrl + U
View source of active frame
Ctrl + Shift + U
Validate source of active page or frame
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U

Developer Tools
Open developer tool
Ctrl + Shift + I

Increase zoom % by steps of 10
Ctrl + Plus
Decrease zoom % by steps of 10
Ctrl + Minus
Restore zoom to 100%
Ctrl + 0

Link keys
Select next link in page
Ctrl + ↓
Select previous link in page
Ctrl + ↑
Follow selected link
Open selected link in new tab
Shift + Enter
Open selected link in background tab
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Save link target (such as document or image)
Ctrl + Shift + S

Spatial navigation keys
Navigate between links and form elements
Shift + ← ↑ → ↓

Form keys
Log in/auto-fill form using the Wand
Ctrl + Enter
Go to next element in form
Go to previous element in form
Shift + Tab
Select form element

Access keys

These shortcuts are unique to pages that have access keys enabled.
Toggle HTML access keys
Shift + Esc
Enter HTML access keys
A-Z and 0-9

Page keys: basics
Browse in new tab
Ctrl + T
Close active tab
Ctrl + W
Ctrl + F4
Undo closing of tab
Ctrl + Shift + T

Application windows
Browse in new application window
Ctrl + N

Tab keys: switching
Cycle to next tab (defaults to recently used order)
Ctrl + Tab
Cycle to previous tab (defaults to recently used order)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to previous tab on tab bar
Ctrl + Shift + F6
Switch to next tab on tab bar
Ctrl + F6

Panel keys

Toggle last active panel with panel selector
Toggle last active panel
Shift + F4
Activate panels for keyboard navigation
Expand all folders/views in panel
Shift + →
Collapse all folders/views in panel
Shift + ←
Open "Search" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 1
Open "Bookmarks" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 2
Ctrl + B
Open "Mail" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 3
Open "Contacts" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 4
Open "Chat" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 5
Open "Notes" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 6
Open "Transfers" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 7
Open "History" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 8
Ctrl + H
Open "Links" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 9
Open "Windows" panel
Ctrl + Shift + 0

Open bookmark
Open bookmark in new tab
Shift + Enter
Open bookmark in background tab
Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Mark all e-mail in selected view as read
Ctrl + Shift + A

Show messages associated with contact
Compose message to contact
Shift + Enter

Open transferred file

Edit your preferences
Alt + P
Ctrl + F12
Quickly edit most popular preferences
Edit browser appearance
Shift + F12

Toggle main menu
Alt + F11

Focus keys
Set focus to Web page (to enable keyboard navigation)
Set focus to address field
Ctrl + L
Alt + D
Set focus to search field
Ctrl + E
Set focus to personal bar (only when you have search fields)
Shift + F7
Restore original address in address field and set focus to page

Manager pages
Manage bookmarks
Ctrl + Shift + B
Manage transfers
Ctrl + J
Manage history
Ctrl + Shift + H
Manage links
Ctrl + Shift + L

E-mail keys

Check e-mail
Ctrl + K
Write new message
Ctrl + M
Attach files to message
Ctrl + O
Upload queued messages to mail server
Ctrl + Shift + K
Send composed message
Ctrl + Shift + S
Ctrl + Enter

Go to next message
Go to previous message
Go to next unread message
Shift + J
Go to previous unread message
Shift + U
Move one screen-full up
Shift + Space
Move one screen-full down, then go to next unread
Scroll up in message body (even if focus on message list)
Alt + ↑
Scroll down in message body (even if focus on message list)
Alt + ↓
Set focus to message list
Set focus to message

Expand all threads
Shift + →
Collapse all threads
Shift + ←
Mark thread as read
Mark thread as read, go to next unread

Mark selected message as read
Mark selected message as read, and go to next unread e-mail
Mark selected message as read, and go to previous unread e-mail
Mark selected message as unread
Shift + K
Mark all messages in active view as read
Ctrl + Shift + A
Move selected message to Trash
Delete selected message permanently, without moving to Trash
Shift + Delete

Reply to message
Reply to all recipients of message, including sender
Shift + R
Forward message
Redirect message
Continue editing message (Drafts, Outbox, and Sent views)
Focus "Quick reply" field
Shift + F9

Save sender's address as new contact
Save attachments
Shift + S
Label message (for example important or funny)
L, 1-7
View all messages associated with sender
Copy raw message data to clipboard

Toggle different layout of message list and message body

Chat keys
Download and list available rooms on chat server
Ctrl + Shift + J
Set focus to chat input field
Shift + F9

Help keys
Open Opera's help window
Search while viewing help page
Ctrl + F

Note: Selecting the alternate keyboard setup "Opera Standard for UNIX" in the preferences will override some Opera shortcuts with classic UNIX shortcuts.




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