Friday, July 30, 2010

Big List of Electronic Text and SMS Message Abbreviations

Electronic text messages are used to convey information through email, IM, chat rooms, SMS etc, and it is getting popular these days.  It is an easy and efficient means of communication where simple text message is transferred through various electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, fax etc. from the sender to the recipient. For shortening the text message, conveying more information, and to reduce the time for typing long sentences into a short SMS or text messages, people use abbreviations. Abbreviations helps to complete the entire message within 160 characters SMS or 140 characters in most of the social network text input boxes. Using abbreviations for texting has become more of a fashion trend and also saves more time. Today's world is all about using shortcuts with the wide usage of electronic communication mediums and finding fast ways of doing something, so text abbreviations and symbols come in handy.

There are an infinite number of common text message abbreviations used today. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the new abbreviations and text message symbols that keep popping up each and everyday. Here I put a list of the commonly used text and SMS message abbreviations which helps you to send an important message across.

Abbreviation             Meaning

Numbers And Symbols
<3                           heart
?                                 I have a question / I do not understand what you mean
?4U                            I have a question for you
;S                               Gentle warning, like "Hmm? what did you say?"
^^                               Read line / Message above
<3                           Sideways heart (love, friendship)
@TEOTD                  At the end of the day
121                            One-to-one (private chat initiation)
14AA41                     One for all, and all for one
10X                            Thanks
1CE                           Once
1DR                           I wonder
2                                To (SMS)
2EZ                            Too easy
2G2BT                       Too good to be true
2M2H                        Too much too handle
2MI                            Too much information
2MOR                        Tomorrow
2NTE                         Tonight
4                                 For (SMS)
404                             I haven't a clue / I do not know
 411                            Meaning "information"
4COL                         For crying out loud
4EAE                          Forever and ever
4NR                           Foreigner
^5                               High-five
511                             Too much information
555                             Sobbing / crying. (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
6Y                              Sexy
7K                              Sick
73                               Bye (amateur radio)
86                               Over
88                               Bye-bye (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
88                               Hugs and kisses
*s*                             Meaning "smile" 
*w*                            Meaning "wink"


A3                              Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AA                             As above / As always
AAF                           As a matter of fact
AAF                           As a friend
AAK                          Asleep at keyboard
AAK                           Alive and kicking
AAMOF                     As a matter of fact
AAMOI                      As a matter of interest
AAP                            Always a pleasure
AAR                           At any rate
AATK                        Always at the keyboard
ABT                           About
ABT2                         About to
ABTA                         Meaning Good-bye (signoff)
ACD                           ALT / CONTROL / DELETE
ACDNT                     Accident (e-mail, Government)
ACK                          Acknowledge
ACPT                         Accept (e-mail, Government)
ACQSTN                   Acquisition (e-mail, Government)
ADAD                        Another day, another dollar
ADBB                        All done, bye-bye
ADD                          Address
ADR                          Address
ADIP                         Another day in paradise
ADMIN                     Administrator
ADMINR                  Administrator (Government)
 AEAP                       As early as possible
AF                             April Fools
AFC                          Away from computer
AFAIAA                    As far as I am aware
AFAIC                      As far as I am concerned
AFAIK                      As far as I know
AFAP                        As far as possible
AFJ                           April Fool's joke
AFK                          Away from keyboard
AH                             At home
AIGHT                       Alright
AIR                            As I remember
AISB                          As it should be or As I said before
AISI                           As I see it
AKA                          Also known as
ALCON                     All concerned
ALOL                        Actually laughing out loud
AMAP                       As much as possible
AMBW                      All my best wishes
AML                          All my love
AMOF                       As a matter of fact
AOTA                        All of the above
APAC                        All praise and credit
AQAP                        As quick as possible / As quiet as possible
ARE                           Acronym rich enviornment
ASIG                          And so it goes
ASAP                         As soon as possible
A/S/L                         Age/sex/location
ASL                           Age/sex/location
ASLA                        Age/sex/location/availability
AT                             At your terminal
ATB                           All the best
ATEOTD                   At the end of the day
ATM                          At the moment
ATSITS                      All the stars in the sky
ATSL                         Along the same line / lines
AWESO                     Awesome
AWOL                       Absent without leave / Away without leaving
AYDY                       Are you done yet?
AYEC                        At your earliest convenience
AYOR                       At your own risk
AYSOS                     Are you stupid or something?
AYS                          Are you serious?
AYT                          Are you there?
AYTMTB                  And you're telling me this because 


B                                Back
B&                     Banned
B2W                          Back to work
B8                              Bait (person teased or joked with)
B9                              Boss is watching
B/F                             Boyfriend
B/G                            Background (personal information request)
B4                              Before
B4N                           Bye for now
BAK                          Back at the keyboard
BAS                           Big a smile
BASOR                     Breathing a sigh of relief
BAU                          Business as usual
BAY                          Back at ya
BB                             Be back
BB                             Bebi / Baby
BBC                          Big bad challenge
BBIAB                       Be back in a bit
BBIAF                       Be back in a few
BBIAM                      Be back in a minute
BBIAS                       Be back in a sec
BBL                           Be back later
BBN                          Bye bye now
BBS                           Be back soon
BBT                           Be back tomorrow
BC                             Because
B/C                            Because
BC                             Be cool
BCNU                       Be seeing you
BCOS                        Because
BD                             Big deal
BDAY                        Birthday
B-DAY                      Birthday
BDN                          Big darn number
BEG                           Big evil grin
BF                              Boy friend
BFAW                       Best friend at work
BF                              Best friend
BFF                           Best friends forever
BFFL                         Best friends for life
BFFLNMW               Best friends for life, no matter what
BFD                           Big freaking deal
BFG                           Big  freaking grin
BFFN                         Best friend for now
BFN                           Bye for now
BG                             Big grin
BGWM                      Be gentle with me
BHL8                         Be home late
BIB                            Boss is back
BIBO                         Beer in, beer out
BIF                             Before I forget
BIH                            Burn in hell
BIL                             Brother in law
BION                         Believe it or not
BIOYN                      Blow it out your nose
BIOYIOP                   Blow it out your I/O port
BITMT                       But in the meantime
BL                              Belly laugh
BLNT                         Better luck next time
BM                             Bite me
BME                           Based on my experience
BMGWL                    Busting my gut with laughter
BM&Y                Between me and you
BOB                           Back off *buddy*
BOL                           Best of luck
BOLO                        Be on the look out
BOOMS                    Bored out of my skull
BOTEC                      Back-of-the-envelope calculation
BOSMKL                  Bending over smacking my knee laughing
BOT                           Back on topic
BOT                           Be on that
BOYF                        Boyfriend
BPLM                        Big person little mind
BRB                           Be right back
BRD                           Bored
BRH                           Be right here
BRT                           Be right there
BSF                           But seriously folks
BSTS                         Better safe than sorry
BT                              Bite this
BT                              Between technologies
BTA                           But then again
BTDT                         Been there, done that

BTW                          By the way
BTA                           But then again...
BTDT                         Been there, done that
BTW                          By the way
BWL                          Bursting with laughter
BWTHDIK                But what the heck do I know...?
BWL                          Bursting with laughter
BYOB                        Bring your own beer
BYOC                        Bring your own computer
BYTM                        Better you than me


C4N                          Ciao for now
C&G                  Chuckle and grin
CAD                          Control + Alt + Delete
CAM                         Camera
CB                             Coffee break
CB                             Chat break
CFS                            Care for secret?
CFY                           Calling for you
CIAO                         Good-bye
CICO                         Coffee in, coffee out
CID                            Crying in disgrace
CID                            Consider it done
CLAB                        Crying like a baby
CM                            Call me
CMB                         Call me back
CMIIW                      Correct me if I'm wrong
CMON                      Come on
CNP                          Continued in next post
CRB                          Come right back
CRBT                        Crying real big tears
CRS                           Can't remember *stuff*
CSG                           Chuckle, snicker, grin
CSL                            Can't stop laughing
CT                              Can't talk
CTC                           Care to chat?
CTHU                        Cracking the *heck* up
CU                             See you too
CU                             See you
CUL                           See you later
CUL8ER                    See you later
CUMID                     See you in my dreams
CURLO                     See you around like a donut
CWOT                      Complete waste of time
CWYL                      Chat with you later
CYA                          See ya
CYAL8R                   See you later
CYE                          Check your e-mail
CYO                         See you online

DA                             Meaning "The"
DBAU                        Doing business as usual
DC                             Disconnect
DD                             Due diligence
DE                             This is (amateur radio)
DF                             Don't even go there
DFLA                        Disenhanced four-letter acronym
DGAF                        Don't give a *freak*
DIIK                          Darned if I know
DIS                            Did I say?
DITYID                      Did I tell you I'm distressed?
DIY                            Do it yourself
DIKU                         Do I know you?
DITYID                      Did I tell you I'm distressed?
DKDC                        Don't know, don't care
DL                              Dead link
D/L                             Download
DL                              Download
DL                              Down low
DLTBBB                    Don't let the bed bugs bite
DM                             Doesn't matter
DM                             Direct message
DN                              Down
DNC                           Do not compute (meaning I do not understand)
DNR                           Dinner (SMS)
DNT                           Don't
d00d                           Dude
DOM                          Dirty old man
DOS                           Dozing off soon
DP                              Display Picture (Yahoo Messenger Chat)
DQMOT                    Don't quote me on this
DR                             Didn't read
DTR                           Define the relationship
DTRT                         Do the right thing
DTS                            Don't think so
DTTD                         Don't touch that dial
DUPE                         Duplicate
DUR                           Do you remember?
DV8                           Deviate
DWB                          Don't write back
DXNRY                      Dictionary
DYNWUTB               Do you know what you are talking about?
DYFI                          Did you find it?
DYOR                        Do your own research 

E                                Ecstasy
E1                              Everyone
E123                          Easy as one, two, three
E2E                            Exchange to exchange
E2E                            e-business to e-business
E2E                            Employee to employee
E2E                            End to end
E2EG                         Ear to ear grin
EAK                          Eating at keyboard
EBKAC                     Error between keyboard and chair
EF4T                          Effort
EG                             Evil grin
EI                               Eat it
EIP                             Editing in progress
EMA                          E-mail address
EMFBI                       Excuse me for butting in
EMFBI                       Excuse me for jumping in
EMSG                        E-mail message
ENUF                         Enough
EOD                           End of day
EOD                           End of discussion
EOL                           End of lecture
EOL                           End of life
EOM                          End of message
EOS                           End of show
EOT                           End of transmission
EOT                           End of thread (end of discussion)
ERS2                         Eres tz / are you (Spanish SMS)
ES                              Erase screen
ETA                           Estimated time (of) arrival
ETLA                        Extended three-letter acronym (an FLA)
EVA                          Ever
EVO                          Evolution
EYC                          Excitable, yet calm
EZ                              Easy
EZY                           Easy

F                                 Meaning female
F2F                             Face to face
FAAK                        Falling asleep at keyboard
FAF                            Funny as *freak*
FAQ                           Frequently-asked questions
FBF                            Fat boy food (e.g. pizza, burgers, fries)
FBM                           Fine by me
FBOW                        For better or worse
FC                              Fingers crossed
FFS                            For *freak'*sakes
FICCL                        Frankly I couldn't care a less
FIIK                           *Freaked* if I know
FIIOOH                      Forget it, I'm out of here
FIL                              Father in law
FISH                           First in, still here
FIMH                          Forever in my heart
FITB                           Fill in the blank
FLA                            Four-letter acronym
FMTYEWTK             Far more than you ever wanted to know
FOMC                        Falling off my chair
FOMCL                     Falling off my chair laughing
FOAD                         Freak off and die
FOAF                         Friend of a friend
FRT                            For real though
FTBOMH                   From the bottom of my heart
FTW                           For the win
FU                              *Freak* you
FUBAR                      Fouled up beyond all recognition
FUBB                         Fouled up beyond belief
FUD                           Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
FW                             Forward
FWM                         Fine with me
FWIW                       For what it's worth
FYEO                        For your eyes only
FYA                          For your amusement
FYI                            For your information

G                               Grin
G                               Giggle
G/F                            Girlfriend
G2CU                        Good to see you
G2G                           Got to go
G4C                           Going for coffee
G9                              Genius
GA                             Go ahead
GAL                           Get a life
GAS                           Got a second?
GB                             Goodbye
GBTW                       Get back to work
GBU                          God bless you
GDR                          Grinning, ducking, and running
GFI                            Go for it
GF                             Girlfriend
GFN                          Gone for now
GG                            Gotta Go
GGMSOT                 Gotta get me some of that
GGOH                      Gotta get outa Here
GIGO                        Garbage in, garbage out
GIAR                        Give it a rest
GIGO                        Garbage in, garbage out
GIRL                         Guy in real life
GIWIST                     Gee, I wish I'd said that
GJ                              Good job
GL                             Good luck
GMBA                      Giggling my butt off
GMTA                      Great minds think alike
GMAB                      Give me a break
GMTA                      Great minds think alike
GN                            Good night
GNE1                        Good night everyone
GNIGHT                   Good night
GNITE                      Good night
GNSD                       Good night, sweet dreams
GOL                          Giggling out loud
GOI                           Get over it
GOL                          Giggling out loud
GR8                           Great
GRATZ                     Congratulations
GRL                          Girl
GRWG                      Get right with God
GR&D               Grinning, running and ducking
GS                             Good shot
GTRM                       Going to read mail
GTSY                        Glad to see you
GT                             Good try
GTFO                        Get the *freak* out
GTG                          Got to go
GTRM                       Going to read mail
GTSY                        Great (or good) to see you
GUD                          Good
GWHTLC                  Glad we had this little chat

H                                Hug
H8                              Hate
H8TTU                      Hate to be you
H&K                  Hug and kiss
H2CUS                      Hope to see you soon
HAGN                       Have a good night
HAGO                       Have a good one
HAG1                        Have a good one
HAND                       Have a nice day
HAK                          Hug and kiss
HAU                          How about you?
HB                             Hurry back
HB                             Hug back
H-BDAY                    Happy Birthday
HBU                           How about you?
HF                              Have fun
HFAC                        Holy flipping animal crackers
H-FDAY                    Happy Father's Day
HHIS                          Head hanging in shame
HHIS                         Hanging head in shame
HIG                           How's it going
HLA                           Hola / hello (Spanish SMS)
H-MDAY                   Happy Mother's Day
HNL                           Whole 'H' another level
HOAS                         Hold on a second
HP                              Hit points / Health points (online gaming)
HRU                           How are you?
HTH                            Hope this helps
HT                              Hi there
HTH                           Hope this helps
HUB                           Head up butt
HUYA                        Head up your *butt*
HV                             Have
HW                             Homework

I2                                I too (me too)
IA8                             I already ate
IAAA                         I am an accountant
IAAD                         I am a doctor
IAAL                          I am a lawyer
IANAC                      I am not a crook
IAC                            In any case
IAE                             In any event
IAO                            I am out (of here)
IAW                           I agree with / In accordance with
IB                               I'm back
IC                               I see
ICAM                         I couldn't agree more
ICBW                         It could be worse
ICEDI                         I can't even discuss it
ICFILWU                   I could fall in love with you
IDC                            I don't care
IDK                            I don't know
IDTS                          I don't think so
IDUNNO                   I don't know
IFYP                          I feel your pain
IG2R                           I got to run
IGHT                          I got high tonight
IGN                            I (I've) got nothing
IHNI                           I have no idea
IHA                            I hate acronyms
IHU                            I hear you
IIRC                           If I recall / remember / recollect correctly

IIIO                            Intel inside, idiot outside
IK                              I know
IKR                            I know, right?
ILBL8                        I'll be late

ILU                             I love you
ILY                             I love you
IM                              Immediate message
IM                              Instant message
IMAO                        In my arrogant opinion
IMCO                        In my considered opinion
IMHO                        In my humble opinion
IMing                         Chatting with someone online
IMNSHO                   In my not so humble opinion
IMO                           In my opinion
IMS                            I am sorry
IMSB                         I am so bored
IMTM                         I am the man
IMU                            I miss u (you)
IOMH                         In over my head
IOW                           In other words
IRL                             In real life
ITA                             I totally agree
ITIGBS                       I think I'm going to be sick
IRMC                          I rest my case
ISLY                           I still love you
ITYK                          I thought you knew
IWAWO                     I want a way out
IWIAM                       Idiot wrapped in a moron
IWALU                      I will always love you
IYO                            In your opinion
IYSS                           If you say so
IYSWIM                    If you see what I mean

j00                             You
j00r                            Your
J4G                            Just for grins
JAC                           Just a sec
JAM                          Just a minutes
JBOD                        Just a bunch of disks
JFF                            Just for fun
JFGI                          Just *freaking* Google it
JIC                            Just in case
JK                             Just kidding
j/k                              Just kidding
JLMK                        Just let me know
JP                              Just playing
JMO                          Just my opinion
JTLYK                      Just to let you know
JW                             Just wondering

k                                Ok
K                               Okay
KK                            Knock, knock
KK                           Okay, Okay!
k/b                             Keyboard
KB                            Keyboard
KDFU                       Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) *freak* up
KEWL                      Cool
KEYA                       I will key you later
KEYME                    Key me when you get in
KFY                          Kiss for you
KIA                           Know it all
KISS                         Keep it simple stupid
KIT                           Keep in touch
KOC                         Kiss on cheek
KOTC                       Kiss on the cheek
KOTL                       Kiss on the lips
KPC                         Keeping parents clueless
KUTGW                   Keep up the good work
KWIM?                    Know what I mean?

L2G                            Like to go?
L2G                            Love to go
L2K                            Like to come
l33t                             Elite
L8R                            Later
L8R G8R                   Later gator
LBAY                        Laughing back at you
LEMENO                  Let me know
LGH                           Lets get high
LHM                          Lord help me
LHO                          Laughing head off
LIC                            Like I care
LIK                            Liquor
LIMT                         Laugh in my tummy
LLGB                         Love, later, God bless
LERK                         Leaving easy reach of keyboard
LD                              Later, dude / Long distance
LDR                            Long-distance relationship
LHO                           Laughing head off
LLTA                          Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMAO                        Laughing my a** off
LMSO                        Laughing my socks off
LMFAO                     Laughing my freaking *a* off
LMIRL                       Lets meet in real life
LMK                          Let me know
LMNK                       Leave my name out
LNT                           Meaning lost in translation
LOA                           List of acronyms
LOL                           Lots of love
LOLO                        Lots of love
LOL                            Laughing out loud
LOTI                          Laughing on the inside
LRF                            Little rubber feet (the little pads on the bottom of displays and other equipment)
LQTM                        Laughing quietly to myself
LSHMBH                   Laughing so hard my belly hurts
LSV                            Language, sex and violence
LTD                            Living the dream
LTNS                         Long time no see
LTR                            Long-term relationship
LULAB                       Love you like a brother
LULAS                       Love you like a sister
LUWAMH                 Love you with all my heart
LY                              Love ya
LY4E                          Love ya forever
LTS                            Laughing to self
LULT                         Love you long time
LULZ                         Slang for LOL
LVM                          Left voice mail
LWOS                       Laughing without smiling
LY                              Love ya
LYLAS                       Love you like crazy
LYLC                         Love you like a sis
LYSM                        Love you so much

M8                              Mate
MB                             Mamma's boy
MC                             Merry Christmas
MEGO                        My eyes glaze over
MEH                          Shrug or shrugging shoulders
MEH                          So-so / just okay
MEHH                       Sigh / sighing
MFI                           Mad for it
MGB                         May God bless
MIRL                         Meet in real life
MKAY                      Mmm, okay
MLM                         Give the middle finger
MNC                         Mother nature calls
MNSG                       Mensaje (message in Spanish)
MorF                          Male or female?
MOOS                       Member of the opposite sex
MOSS                        Member of same sex
MorF                          Male or female
MOSS                        Member of the same sex
MOTOS                     Member of the opposite sex
MSG                           Message
MTF                           More to follow
MTFBWU                  May the force be with you
MTF                           More to follow
MUSM                       Miss you so much
MUAH                       Multiple unsuccessful attempts (at / to) humor
MUSM                       Miss you so much
MWAH                      Meaning "kiss" (it is is the sound made when kissing through the air)
MYO                          Mind your own (business)
MYOB                       Mind your own business

n00b                          Newbie
N1                              Nice one
N2M                          Nothing too much
NADT                        Not a darn thing
NALOPKT                Not a lot of people know that
NANA                       Not now, no need
NBD                          No big deal
NE                             Any
NE1                           Anyone
NFM                          None for me / Not for me
NFM                          Not for me
NFS                           Not for sale
NFW                         No *freaking* way
NFW                         Not for work
NFWS                       Not for work safe
NIGI                          Now I get it
NIMBY                     Not in my back yard
NIROK                      Not in reach of keyboard
NLT                           No later than
NM                            Nothing much
NM                            Never mind
NMH                         Not much here
NMU                         Not much, you?
NO1                          No one
NOYB                       None of your business
NP                             No problem
NQT                          Newly qualified teacher
NADT                       Not a darn thing
NFG                          No f*****g good
NFW                         No feasible way
NP                             No problem
N/P                            No problem
NRN                          No response necessary
NSA                          No strings attached
NSFW                       Not safe for work
NSISR                       Not sure if spelled right
NT                             Nice try
NTHING                   Nothing (SMS)
NVM                         Never mind
NVR                          Never
NW                           No way
NWO                        No way out

O4U                          Only for you
O                               Hugs
O                               Over
OA                            Online auctions
OATUS                     On a totally unrelated subject
OB                             Oh baby
OB                             Oh brother
OI                              Operator indisposed
OIC                            Oh, I see
OLL                           Online love
OIB                            Oh, I'm back
OJ                              Only joking
OL                             Old lady
OM                            Old man
OM                            Oh, my
OMG                         Oh my God
OMGYG2BK            Oh my God, you got to be kidding
OMW                        On my way
ONL                          Online
OMG                         Oh my God
OTF                           Off the floor
OTOH                        On the other hand
OTTOMH                  Off the top of my head
OO                             Over and out
OOC                          Out of character
OOH                          Out of here
OOTD                        One of these days
OOTO                        Out of the office
OP                              On phone
ORLY                        Oh really?
OT                             Off topic (discussion forums)
OTB                           Off to bed
OTFL                         On the floor laughing
OTL                           Out to lunch
OTOH                        On the other hand
OTP                           On the phone
OTT                           Over the top
OTTOMH                  Off the top of my head
OTW                          Off to work
OVA                          Over
OYO                          On your own

P2P                            Parent to parent
P2P                            Peer to peer
PANS                        Pretty awesome new stuff
PAW                          Parents are watching
PCMCIA                   People can't master computer industry acronyms
PCM                          Please call me
PDA                           Public display of affection
PDH                           Pretty darn happy
PDS                           Please don't shoot
PDQ                          Pretty darn quick
PEBCAK                   Problem exists between chair and keyboard
PEEPS                       People
PFT                           Pretty *freaking* tight
PIC                            Picture
PIR                            Parents in room
PISS                          Put in some sugar
PIBKAC                    Problem is between keyboard and chair
PITA                          Pain in the ass
PL8                            Plate
PLD                           Played
PLMK                       Please let me know
PLS                           Please
PLU                           People like us
PLZ                            Please
PM                             Private Message
PMFI                         Pardon me for interrupting
PMFJI                       Pardon me for jumping in
PM                             Private message
POAHF                     Put on a happy face
::POOF::                    Goodbye (leaving the room)
POTS                        Plain old telephone service
POAHF                     Put on a happy face
POS                           Parent over shoulder
POV                          Point of view
POV                          Privately owned vehicle
PPL                           People
PPU                           Pending pick-up
PROLLY                   Probably
PROGGY                  Computer program
PRON                       Pornography
PRT                           Party
PRW                          People/parents are watching
PSOS                        Parent standing over shoulder
PSP                           Playstation Portable
PTL                           Praise the Lord
PTMM                       Please tell me more
PU                             That stinks!
PWN                         Own
PXT                           Please explain that
PZ                              Peace
PZA                           Pizza

Q                               Queue
QFE                          Question for everyone
QFI                           Quoted for idiocy
QFI                           Quoted for irony
QIK                           Quick
QL                             Quit laughing
QQ (qq)                     Crying eyes
QQ                            Quick question
QSL                           Reply
QSO                          Conversation
QT                             Cutie
QTPI                         Cutie pie

R8                              Rate (SMS)
RBAY                        Right back at you
RIP                             Rest in peace
RL                              Real life
RLY                           Really
RL                              Real life
RME                          Rolling my eyes
RMLB                        Read my lips baby
RMMM                      Read my mail man
ROR                           Raffing out roud
ROTFL                       Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFL                         Rolling on floor laughing
ROTFLMAO              Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROFLMAO                Rolling on the floor, laughing my *butt* off
ROFLCOPTER          Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around
ROTFLUTS               Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
RPG                           Role-playing games
RSN                           Real soon now
RT                              Real time
RTBS                         Reason to be single
RTFM                        Read the *freaking* manual
RTFQ                         Read the *freaking* question
RTNTN                      Retention (e-mail, Government)
RTRMT                      Retirement (e-mail, Government)
RTSM                        Read the stupid manual
RU                             Are you?
RUMOF                    Are you male or female?
RUT                           Are you there?
RUOK                       Are you okay?
RX                             Regards
RW                            Real world
RX                             Meaning drugs or prescriptions
RYB                           Read your Bible
RYS                           Read your screen
RYS                           Are you single?
RYO                           Roll your own

S^                               S'up - what's up
SH^                            Shut up
S2R                            Send to receive
S2S                            Sorry to say
S4L                            Spam for life
SAL                           Such a laugh
SBT                            Sorry 'bout that
SC                              Stay cool
SDMB                        Sweet dreams, my baby
SETE                          Smiling ear to ear
SF                               Surfer-friendly
SFAIK                        So far as I know
SH                              Same here
SHCOON                  Shoot hot coffee out of nose
SHID                          Slaps head in disgust
SHID                          Slapping head in disgust
SICNR                       Sorry, I could not resist
SIG2R                        Sorry, I got to run
SIHTH                       Stupidity is hard to take
SIMYC                      Sorry I missed your call
SIR                             Strike it rich
SIS                             Snickering in silence
SIT                             Stay in touch
SK8                            Skate
SK8NG                      Skating
SK8R                         Skater
SLAP                         Sounds like a plan
SMHID                      Scratching my head in disbelief
SNAFU                      Situation normal all fouled up
SNERT                       Snot nosed egotistical rude teenager
SN                              Situation normal
SO                              Significant other
S'OK                          It is okay
SOL                           Sooner or later
SOMY                       Sick of me yet?
SorG                          Straight or Gay?
SOS                           Emergency / help
SOT                           Short of time
SOTMG                     Short of time, must go
SOWM                      Someone with me
SO                             Significant other
SOL                           Smilling out loud or sh*t out of luck
SOMY                       Sick of me yet?
SOT                           Short on time
SOTMG                     Short on time must go
SPK                           Speak (SMS)
SRSLY                       Seriously
SPST                          Same place, same time
SPTO                         Spoke to
SQ                             Square
SRY                           Sorry
SS                              So sorry
SSDD                        Same stuff, different day
SSIF                          So stupid it's funny
SSINF                       So stupid it's not funny
STW                          Search the Web
ST&D                Stop texting and drive
STFU                         Shut the *freak* up
STR8                         Straight
STW                          Search the Web
SUITM                      See you in the morning
SUL                           See you later
SUP                           What's up?
SUX                          Sucks / it sucks
SU                             Shut up
SUAKM                    Shut up and kiss me
SWAK                      Sent (or sealed) with a kiss
SWALK                    Sealed (or sealed) with a loving kiss
SWAT                       Scientific wild *butt* guess
SWL                          Screaming with laughter
SWMBO                   She who must be obeyed. (wife or partner)
SWAG                       Stupid wild a** guess
SWAK                       Sealed with a kiss
SWL                          Screaming with laughter
SYL                           See you later
SYS                           See you soon

T+                              Think positive
T4BU                         Thanks for being you
T:)T                            Think happy thoughts
TA                             Thanks a lot
TA                             Thanks again
TAFN                        That's all for now
TAM                          Tomorrow a.m.
TANK                       Meaning really strong
TANKED                  Owned
TANKING                Owning
TARFU                      Things are really fouled up.
TAU                          Thinking about you
TAUMUALU            Thinking about you miss you always love you
TAFN                        That's all for now
TANSTAAFL            There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TBC                           To be continued
TBD                           To be determined
TBH                           To be honest
TB4U                         Too bad for you
TBL                            Text back later
TC                              Take care
TCB                           Take care of business
TCOY                        Take care of yourself
TFS                            Thanks for sharing
TGIF                          Thank God it's Friday
THX                           Thanks
THNX                        Thanks
THNQ                       Thank you (SMS)
THT                           Think happy thoughts
TILII                          Tell it like it is
TIA                            Thanks in advance
TIAD                         Tomorrow is another day
TIC                            Tongue-in-cheek
TILIS                         Tell it like it is
TLK2UL8R               Talk to you later
TL                              Too long
TLA                           Three-letter acronym
TTYAFN                   Talk to you awhile from now
TLK2UL8R               Talk to you later
TMI                           Too much information
TMB                          Text me back
TMI                           Too much information
TMOT                       Trust me on this
TMTH                       Too much to handle
TMWFI                     Take my word for it
TNSTAAFL              There's no such thing as a free lunch
TNT                           Till next time
TOPCA                     Til our paths cross again (early Celtic chat term)
TOY                          Thinking of you
TOJ                           Tears of joy
TOS                          Terms of service
TOU                          Thinking of you
TOY                          Thinking of you
TPM                          Tomorrow p.m.
TPTB                         The powers that be
TQ                             Te quiero / I love you (Spanish SMS)
TSH                           Tripping so hard
TSNF                         That's so not fair
TSTB                         The sooner, the better
TTLY                         Totally
TTTT                         These things take time
TTUL                         Talk to you later
TTG                           Time to go
TTFN                         Ta-Ta for now
TTT                            Thought that, too (when someone types in what you were about to type)
TTYL                         Talk to you later
TTYS                         Talk to you soon
TU                             Thank you
TWSS                        That's what she said
TY                             Thank you
TYFYC                      Thank you for your comment
TYS                           Told you so
TYT                           Take your time
TYSO                        Thank you so much
TYVM                       Thank you very much 
TYVM                       Thank you very much

^URS                         Up yours
UAPITA                    You're a pain in the a**
UAF                          Until further notice
UCMU                      You crack me up
UDI                           Unidentified drinking injury (bruise, scratch, ache and so on)
UDM                         You the man
UDS                          Ugly domestic scene
UFN                          Until further notice
UGTBK                     You've got to be kidding
UKTR                       You know that's right
UL                             Upload
U-L                            You will
UNA                          Use no acronyms
UN4TUN8                Unfortunate
UNBLEFBLE            Unbelievable
UNCRTN                  Uncertain
UNPC                        Not politically correct
UOK                          Are you ok?
UR                             Your / You're
UR2YS4ME              You are too wise for me
URA*                        You are a star
URH                          You are hot
URL                           Uniform Resource Locator
URSKTM                  You are so kind to me
URTM                       You are the man
URW                         You are welcome
USBCA                     Until something better comes along
USU                          Usually
UT2L                        You take too long
UV                            Unpleasant visual
UW                           You're welcome

VBS                           Very big smile
VEG                           Very evil grin
VFF                           Very freaking funny
VFM                          Value for money
VGC                          Very good condition
VIP                            Very important person
VM                            Voice mail
VN                             Very nice
VRY                          Very
VSC                          Very soft chuckle
VSF                           Very sad face
VBG                          Very big grin

W@                          What?
W/                             With
W/B                           Welcome back
W3                            World wide web / web address
WWW                       World wide web / web address
W8                            Wait
WAG                         Wild a** guess
WAYD                      What are you doing
WAH                         Working at home
WAJ                          What a jerk
WAM                        Wait a minute
WAN2                       Want to? (SMS)
WAN2TLK               Want to talk
WAREZ                     Pirated
WAS                         Wait a second
WAS                         Wild *a* guess
WAWA                     Where are we at?
WAYF                      Where are you from?
WB                            Welcome back
WBS                          Write back soon
W/B                           Write back
WBU                         What about you?
WC                            Welcome
WC                            Who cares
WCA                         Who cares anyway
WDALYIC                Who died and left you in charge
WDYK                      What do you know?
WDYT                       What do you think?
WE                            Whatever
W/E                           Whatever
W/END                     Weekend
WFM                         Works for me
WIBNI                      Wouldn't it be nice if
WH5                         Who, what, when, where, why
WIBNI                      Wouldn't it be nice if
WIIFM                     What's in it for me?
WISP                        Winning is so pleasurable
WITP                        What is the point?
WITW                       What in the world
WIU                          Wrap it up
WK                           Week
WKD                        Weekend
WL                            Whatta loser
W/O                          Without
WOMBAT                Waste of money, brains, and time
WRT                         With regard to
WRK                         Work
WRU@                     Where are you at?
WRUD                      What are you doing?
WTF                          What the *freak* ?
WTFE                       What the *freak* ever
WTG                         Way to go
WTGP                       Want to go private (talk out of public chat area)
WTH                         What the heck?
WTM                        Who's the man?
WT?                           What the? / who the?
WTG                          Way to go!
WTGP?                      Want to go private?
WU?                          What's up?
WU                            What's up?
WUW                        What do (you) want?
WUU2                       What are you up to?
WUF?                        Where are you from?
WWNC                     Will wonders never cease
WWYC                     Write when you can
WYCM                      Will you call me?
WYD                         What (are) you doing?
WYGAM                   When you get a minute
WYHAM                   When you have a minute
WYLEI                      When you least expect it
WYWH                     Wish you were here
WYSITWIRL            What you see is totally worthless in real life!
WYSIWYG               What you see is what you get

X-1-10                       Exciting
X                                Kiss
X!                               A typical woman
XD                             Really hard laugh (where D is a smiley mouth)
XD                             Devilish smile
XME                          Excuse Me
XOXOXO                 Hugs & Kisses
XLNT                        Excellent
XLR8                         Accelerate / going faster
XYL                           Ex-young lady, meaning wife. (amateur radio)
XYZ                           Examine your zipper

Y?                              Why?
Y                                Yawn
Y2K                           You're too kind
YA                             Your
YAA                          Yet another acronym
YABA                       Yet another bloody acronym
YARLY                     Ya, really?
YBIC                         Your brother in Christ
YBS                          You'll be sorry
YCDBWYCID          You can't do business when your computer is down
YCHT                       You can have them
YCLIU                      You can look it up
YCMU                      You crack me up
YF                             Wife
YG                            Young gentleman
YGTBKM                 You've got to be kidding me
YHBW                      You have been warned
YHL                          You have lost
YIU                           Yes, I understand
YKW                        You know what
YKWYCD                You know what you can do
YL                             Young lady
YMMV                     Your mileage may vary
YNK                         You never know
YR                             Your
YR                             Yeah right
YRYOCC                  You're running your own cuckoo clock
YSIC                         Your sister in Christ
YSYD                        Yeah sure you do
YT                              You there?
YTTL                         You take too long
YTG                           You're the greatest
YWHOL                    Yelling "woohoo" out loud
YWSYLS                   You win some, you lose some
YYSSW                     Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever
YBS                           You'll be sorry
YMMV                      Your mileage may vary.
YW                            You're welcome

Z                                Zero
Z                                Going to bed/sleep
Z                                Said
Z%                             Zoo
ZH                             Sleeping Hour
ZOT                           Zero tolerance
ZUP                           What's up?
ZZZZ                         Sleeping / bored




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