Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to delete the contents of the clipboard

We often use so many times the commands for “copy” or “cut” which copies information to your Windows clipboard . This information is kept in the RAM memory until it has been replaced by something else. Unfortunately, when you are copying large files it can adversely affect the computer’s performance. When you perform a lot of copying, cutting and pasting of large text files, pictures, videos, or objects between applications, the system starts to slow down. So clearing or deleting the contents of the clipboard will help you free up the much needed memory resources.

Here is how to do it.
A. The simplest thing would be to just copy something small to your clipboard. Copy a word or a sentence in a word processor to your clipboard or anything small is fine. Since your clipboard can only hold one item at a time, the previous big file is replaced with the new smaller file.

B. Open the Clipboard Viewer, hit the Edit menu, then Delete. This will quickly purge the clipboard contents.

To open the Clipboard Viewer and view Clipboard contents on Windows XP
1. Goto Start > Run. This will open the Run box on your computer.
2. Type Clipbrd in the Run box and click OK.
3. Clipbook viewer will appear showing current copied data on the Clipboard.

 To Delete Clipboard contents on Windows XP
1. Open Clipboard viewer.
2. Goto menu option Edit > Delete to delete and erase currently copied data on the clipboard.
3. This will display confirmations pop-up box. Click Yes on confirmation window to delete clipboard data.

Clipboard Viewer on Windows 7 & Vista
Above method will not work on Windows 7 and Vista as default clipboard viewer utility is not present on newer version of Windows. You can download free Clipboard Viewer for Windows 7 & Vista to view and delete clipboard contents.




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