Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to capture a screen shot on windows PC

You can take the picture of an image, program, a window, or the desktop itself. You can paste the captured screen into a document, email message, or other file. This is called a screen capture. You can edit the captured screen in an image editor by pasting it directly into the image editor software such as the Windows Paint program or other editors for advanced image editing like cutting, cropping, resizing, or applying effects to suit your needs.

You can take a picture of what is on your screen by pressing PRINT SCREEN (PRTSC or PRTSCN on some keyboards). There are two types of screen capture, you can take the entire screen or just the active window only. For example, if you have three programs open at the same time, you might want a screen capture of only the active window.

1. To copy the entire screen > Press PRINT SCREEN.

2. To copy only an active window > Press ALT+PRINT SCREEN.

You can paste your screen capture into Paint program to crop, rotate, and resize pictures.

To paste a screen capture into the Paint program > Open Paint by clicking the Start button > Programs > Accessories > Paint.

Click Edit, and then click Paste. The image can be saved in any format such as bitmap, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc. for various applications.




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