Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Important Google search tricks

We search for many things on Google that we want to know about such as objects, information etc. Google has several operators that can help find the specific information very fast and accurately. Using operators we get the desired result very quickly, which can be called as advanced Google searching. Google search is not case sensitive, Google excludes common words like "I" and "the"

Here are some of the advanced methods that are used to search on Google.

A. Internet Search:

1. Placing text in quotes searches for the exact phrase. eg.  "how to write a letter"
2. Putting OR (capitalized) includes either of the words. eg. blackberry OR mp3
3. Putting ... between numbers searches for numbers in that range. eg. economy 1245...1258
4. Search within a web domain by including site: and the URL. eg. site: battery
5. Search for sites that link to another by including link: and the URL. eg. link:
6. Including related: and the URL, searches for results that are somehow related to that URL. eg. related:
7. Placing text and a ~ in front of a word searches that word and all its synonyms.  ~nutrition
8. Placing a - in front of a term excludes that word. eg. mac -computer

B. Information Search
1. Get definitions of a word from multiple sources using define: eg. define: recession
2. Get the current time for any location using time: eg. time: phoenix, az
3. Get the current exchange rate for money using the name of the currency eg. 12 pounds to dollars
4. Get information about a URL, including a short description, links to its cache, similar pages, and sites that link to that URL using info: eg.
5. Quickly call up a map of a location using map eg. map phoenix, az
6. Find out the current weather conditions and forecast for a city using weather: eg. weather: phoenix, az

C. Math Search
1. Input a math arithmetic expression for Google to solve. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, and remainders. eg. 2+5, 2009-25, 365*5,100/5, 4^2, 17%5 etc.
2. Use Google to convert expressions with different units. eg. convert 3 gallons to cups.




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